Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Final Thoughts

Well tomorrow's the last day in Creative Writing Class and all I can say is that it was fun having a sort of laid back class first period every day. I don't have any favorite assignments and the assignments I liked the least were the assignments involving twitter. I disliked them because I'm long winded and found it difficult to keep what I wanted to say under 140 characters.
I liked the Friday reading classes because they were the one day of the week I could either relax and read or buckle down and focus on typing my book(s) mind you I totally disliked having to do the reflections on the books I read because I don't ask questions or notice any of the things you wanted us to be looking for. When I read its for pure enjoyment of being completely absorbed by the story itself and the characters triumphs and struggles in the story.
Blogging I found was and is a great way to express most days what's in my head. I'll still use this account after this course is over to put my book(s) out there to see if they're worth publishing into actual books or scrapping. What I gained from this course is a little more knowledge on social media whereas I wanted to learn ways I could improve my own fictional writing that I haven't gained or picked up from taking mandatory English class. The only thing I have to say to future students who take this course is come prepared to dive into a world of odd assignments like the newspaper blackout poetry and the fun bucket list assignment. Anyways this will be my last post as student in this course and all future posts will be me as an author trying to get constructive criticism from future and potential readers :D

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