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Incomplete PO, FB, and Thieves Part 3

Part 3- The Thief and Assassin Kail


I carry the young lass I was hired to get rid of and pity her for the cruel life she has lived in England as we board a boat for the main land. It was very easy to steal her chest of treasures and the journal she left on the bed side table. I see a lot of my old friend in her and wondered why the lass would even allow to be confined to that kind of lifestyle without the thrill of adventure. It baffles me all the way to the port on the southern tip of the British Empire. As she sleeps for the whole trip undisturbed I wonder if I killed her by accident and remember our encounter at that ball and in the meadow. I smirk at how quick she reached for her gun and remind myself not to touch her that way anyways again unless she gives permission to do so. As I drive the wagon I continue to ponder her existence and why so many are attracted to her as she finally stirs from sleep.

Sara (Persephone)

I moan waking up to the sound of a wagon moving. “My head” I croak realizing my throat is really dry.

“Here” a male voice says handing me a canteen of water. There’s an accent to it that I recognize and I try sitting up when I realize who it is as I chug back the water.

“Thank you” I say quietly handing back the canteen realizing my ankle is bound to his wrist.

“Ye’re welcome and we’ll be stopping in a few days so I would get comfortable if I were ye” he says laughing a little bit. His accent has a comforting effect I realize as I sit wondering where I am and how long this man had been trailing me.

“How long have you been trailing me?” I ask quietly.

“Well that’s easy to answer lass. I followed ye the moment my client’s young man followed ye into that alley” he laughs as I contemplate this information quietly. It means Ms. Selto is behind this due to her mistrust of Mark and that I was never going to see England again.

“Uhm do you have a name?” I ask as night falls hours later.

“Aye I do it’s Kail. What about yers? My client didn’t give it in her haste to be rid of ye to mention it” he explains. I like this Kail guy he’s straight to the point and blunt so I may as well give him my new name to hide to old one and the misery it’s brought.

“It’s Persephone” I say smiling as I say it knowing there is no going back to my old, boring life.

“Well Persephone is a pretty name for a lass of yer looks” he says gently as I slowly fall asleep as he starts to hum a song I don’t recognize. I wake up to a lot of noise the next day of what only belonged to a city.

“Where are we?” I ask quietly as people walk and ride past the wagon.

“We’re enroute to Paris, the home of many wonders of the world for this time” he explains as I peek out the front of the wagon. I realize I stick out a bit with my pale skin and red hair as I duck back in feeling self conscious of myself.

“How far are we from Paris?” I ask as I run my fingers through my hair saying my goodbyes to it.

“A day’s ride so not too far now from what the Brit’s call the scourge to all of English holiness lass” he says all sketchy like. The next day I sit outside the wagon after not sleeping at all last night noticing that we’re getting closer to a shady looking building. We pull over next to it and two men take the horses away.

“Welcome to the Thieves Guild of Europe lass” Kail laughs pulling me from the wagon. Oh god I read about this in David’s journal and David had mentioned it a couple times. Thieves, Mercenaries and Assassins from all over gather here.

“What are you going to do with me?” I sigh ready for the worst fate possible.

“Ahh don’t worry lass ye still have a long life ahead of ye” he laughs. I’ve noticed so far that whenever Kail smiles or laughs it doesn’t reach his dark purple eyes. Now that I’m out of the wagon I’m finally getting a good look at him as a whole and come to the conclusion he has Indian blood in him along with Irish with the fact that he’s dark skinned, a head taller than me with a mixed accent and that his hair is as black as the night sky. Kail tosses me over his shoulder to my displeasure and walks into the building with no complaints from me.

“Ye know Persy that you are the most complacent hostage I’ve had so far. Why are ye even going with this?” he asks actually curious. I sigh remembering my decision in the wagon and as I go to answer I hear whimpering from my pouch.

“Daisy” I exclaim digging her out of the bag where I usually kept my gun wondering when and how she got there.

“Ye know that’s a wolf pup right” Kail points out incrediously. I nod hugging her to my face. I sigh feeling less guilty and notice my chest in his bag.

“I could try to escape, but I know we’re deep underground now and it’s certain death for me if I did get away from you” I say as Kail drops me on the bed unshackling my ankle from his wrist. I rub my ankle as Kail unpacks a few things.

“Wow is this real” I whisper looking at a set of pure silver throwing knifes. He nods as I squeal with delight. This is weapon heaven, no wonder David didn’t give me many details. He knew I’d love this life style that Kail leads. I swipe at my eyes before Kail sees my tears.

“Ouch did I do something wrong lass?” Kail sighs stopping what he was doing, pulling me into a gentle hug. I shake my head no as I relax in his arms. He pats my head as I stand in his arms calming down.

“Thank you Kail” I sigh wiping my eyes feeling better than ever compared to all my other crying spells of late. Maybe it’s because Kail is a complete stranger or it’s because he makes me feel safer than I’ve ever felt in my life. I can’t go back home so all I can do is move forward and away from my past I think to myself as I feel sorry for Luke and the kids who must be worried about me.

“Oh yeah was the lass who hired you go by the name of Selto Monroe?” I ask for curiosity’s sake.

“Aye it is, but don’t ye plan on going back?” he says sounding surprised. I shake my head no as I take my chest from his bag.

“I could go back if I wanted to, but I don’t want to because I have nothing of my own to go back to so I thought I could do jobs with you. I know the police system inside and out, I can handle a sword or dagger well and my aim is impeccable” I laugh loving how everyone in my life that’s dead practically prepared me for this moment, even father whose probably tossing and turning in his grave at this turn of events. Kail looks surprised and it reaches his eyes this time, giving the spark to ignite a whirlwind of emotions that flash through his eyes at the possibilities that my proposal brought to the table. 

“Well lass ye’ll have to be able to keep up and be unafraid of the prospect of death. Ye’ll also have to listen to everything I say OK, but I don’t see why not” he laughs, his smile reaching his eyes. I jump up and down with like a school girl giggling happily while Daisy wags her tail, sprawled out on the bed. That night before I change I cut my long beautiful red hair and dye it pitch black. When I finish I look in the mirror and admire my work in changing my look so no one who would come after me can recognize me. I go to sleep on a cot Kail laid out for me excited for tomorrow’s adventure, but at the same time I’m sad about my hair no helping that though.


The lass learns fast as we carry out odd jobs I found on the board and as we approach our next job I worry a little considering it’s a assassination job and we haven’t picked one up since we started training and working together two weeks ago. She matches my movements step for step and as I fall back she moves in for the kill with the agility I only see in expert killers. I wonder if maybe she was a retiree, but she’s a little young unless she has a family. I realize she doesn’t as she wipes her dagger on her shirt with no problem or cares of ruining it. She’s very well suited to this life as I lead her to the last job I picked off the board. Persy puts the safety on her pistol as we get closer to our meeting place and she reassures me it’s safe as I knock on the client’s door.

“Come in, leave the girl in the hall” an elderly butler orders. I nod and she stands looking around the hallway as I follow another butler into another to meet our new client.

“Welcome sir I hope you found this place without any complications” a young man sitting in a desk chair says as he reads a book not looking up to see if he’s talking to the correct person. So sloppy I think to myself as I nod.

“Aye I did, so what’s the job ye want carried out” I ask cautious. Too many of the guild members have been conned into fake jobs only to be caught by the King’s dogs.

“Well I need an item retrieved from an associate of mine from Istanbul. You may take anything from the fault the item is stored in as payment, but I want the item brought back to me intact” he explains quietly. I nod understanding as I’m dismissed and leave the room to get Persy who’s still standing in the hall, but she looks absolutely smug about something.

“What are ye so happy about lass?” I ask curious. Persy keeps on surprising me with her behaviour and looks and it leaves me guessing. Lass’ with her kind of looks are as shallow as the dresses they wear and I know from experience. Persy on the other hand is different. She knows a good weapon when she sees one and moves with the grace of an experienced thief and killer. While I’m packing Persy slips out for a bit and comes back just before dinner with more expensive looking clothes and a pair of wedding bands as our alibi.

“Here is why I was so smug earlier” she laughs as she pulls out a picture of jewel laden wax stamp tool.

“Sheesh lass what did ye have to do to get this” I ask wary of her answer for the oddest of reasons. 

“A little persuasion, I asked the butler who let us in because I overheard the maids bitching that he’s a boozer” she laughs obviously pleased with herself. I sigh putting the picture in my pocket as I get up to get dinner. I ruffle her black hair as I pass her by wondering why she even cut and dyed it in the first place. As I come back with dinner I settle in and listen to her talk away. I find as I’m listening to her I realize that I may be developing a fondness for this unique lass.


“Luke, LUKE!!” I shout following him out the door.

“What?!” he growls, god I’ve never seen him this angry. “How do you expect to find her, they’re long gone by the cool feeling of the wax so cool done and think OK” I growl just as worried about Sara as he is considering it’s been two weeks since she was kidnapped and I’ve been trying to convince him to stay for the sake of his children.

“OK now think do the Monroes have any connections with the Thieves Guild” Luke asks calmer now his voice as cold as stone.

“I don’t know it’s worth looking into, but do you know if they have any connections to this place?” I ask realizing why the Monroes were so wealthy since Mr Monroe married his second wife fifteen years ago now.

“Yeah I do that connection was Allie. Her mother had been a member but when her partner died on the job leaving her with a three year old child to feed Mrs. Monroe came to Greenwood and the rest is history” Luke explains on the way to the Monroe farm. Luke does all the talking as I knock on the door.

“Oh boys I’m glad you came” Mr Monroe sighs looking older than I’d ever seen him in my life.

“We’re here to see Ms Monroe Alex” Luke explains coldly. Monroe nods leading us to the kitchen and Selto.

“Oh hi darling” Selto happily says coming over to kiss me. Luke cuts her off as he asks Monroe if we could borrow her for awhile. He nods holding a chair for support.

“Ow ow ow that hurts Mark. What has you both so upset?” Selto yelps still trying to fake innocence. Luke answers by showing her the letter.

“Why did you hire Allie’s old friend from the guild” he growls. Woah he looks exactly like his father when he’s this pissed off as Selto flinches.

“What do you mean Luke?” I ask.

“Remember when I first met Allie and you told me that she had left her family with a young man for a two year period before returning home pregnant and with a two year old Allie. Well in that time period she was a member of the guild and the young man was her partner. Anyways she left after her partner died on the job, leaving her with their savings and left her alone to raise Allie and pregnant, but obviously Selto knew some of her contacts” Luke explains unashamed.

“So what if I knew some of her contacts and what’s so special about the one I hired? I had him following Mark the moment he left for Meridell and keeping taps on her the moment she crossed Mark’s path. I had a little help from her assistant Meridon with where she went everyday and when you both came home I paid him extra to take her away the moment she was alone and out of sight of anyone” she hisses.

“Well Selto you obviously don’t understand the extent of the damage you caused. You hired Kail O’Neill right? Well O’Neill won’t ever give her back and he’s the hardest to trace and track down so now I may never see my sister again” Luke shouts. I’m burning with anger and guilt on the inside and Selto realizes how mad Luke is as she goes pale.

“Well he mentioned he was returning to the main base and planned on taking her with him” she sighs.

“Where is it?” Luke asks.

“Paris I think” she whispers, tears falling down her face as Luke stalks away. I follow close behind him hearing her sobs as we head back to his place.

“So what’s the plan?” I ask keeping up with his fast pace.

“There is no plan because you’re staying here. I’M going to leave the children in your brother, Malcolm’s care while I go look for Sara. No arguing you have done enough in my opinion” Luke growls mounting Red after packing a bag. I go with him as he drops Allie and Sean at Malcolm’s with his words ringing in my ears.

“OK Sean behave and look after your sister while I’m gone. Allie please don’t cry it’ll be OK I’ll bring Aunt Sara back OK” Luke sighs hugging the both of them before he passes them down to Malcolm. I watch him ride away feeling truly responsible for Sara’s kidnapping; I run to the farm and grab one of the spare horses and follow the path Luke took hoping I find Sara to apologize for what I’d done.


“This is so exciting Kail” I smile as we board the ship for Istanbul. He smiles back taking my arm as we walk to our shared cabin.

“Is this yer first time travelling by ship Persy?” Kail laughs.

“Hate to admit it, but yes it is” I sigh in fake embarrassment and tragedy. I get a kiss on the cheek as we walk around the ship getting a basic feel of the layout. We’re disguising as newlyweds honeymooning in the east as a way to get close to our target. It’s not hard to play this part as Kail does most of the acting. I smirk at this though, but it disappears when I spot one of the few people I knew would come after me, Mark. Kail feels my dismay and pulls of his hat to hide our faces as he kisses me still playing the role of a loving husband. Mark walks by clueless as Kail guides me in the direction of our cabin. As he opens the door I know he’s not happy about what just happened and I don’t know how to kill the awkward silence until Daisy barks from her makeshift kennel. I place my bag under the bed and turn to face Kail.

“I have one question for ye. Do ye want that man to take ye home?” he asks calmly. I shake my head no and explain why.

“I don’t want to be found. I like the work we do and I feel more alive working with you than I did back in Greenwood and when I was married to my late husband.” He sighs, relief lighting his eyes as we both unpack a few things. As I sit in front of the vanity of our suite I feel Kail come up behind me while I’m taking of the earrings I got during one of the many jobs we carried out back in Paris.

“What’s the date today?” I sigh as I brush my hair while Kail massages my shoulders.

“It’s March 20th, 1876” he says. I laugh knowing I hadn’t asked for the year, but I didn’t have anything sarcastic to say to this as I realize it’s the one year anniversary of David’s death.

“What are ye thinking about?” he whispers in my ear as I gently put my brush down.

“How nice that feels and that I had almost forgotten the significance of today, but I guess that’s a good thing” I smile looking up into his face wishing mother could see me now and how far I have come. It felt great to have his hands on me and I realize it’s been six months since I’ve done where he’s taking this. I look up into his eye and see the same desire and feelings reflected in his as I stand up and face him. I tilt my face upward for his kiss as I feel him taking off my dress as I’m taking off his shirt.

“Ahh. Ahh more, more” I cry as we stumble backwards on the bed.

“Ahh I think I’m com- oooh” I cry as he pushes further and harder. I’m snuggle in his chest an hour later completely sated and glowing when he whispers into my short black hair “I love ye Persy.”

“I love you too” I sigh drifting off to sleep in his arms knowing what I just said in my half asleep state to be true.


I lay and watch her sleep beside me the next morning thinking how I’ve found my other half in life as she stirs.

“Morning” she sighs her brown eyes hazy with sleep and desire.

“Morning to ye to lass” I smile kissing her forehead as I get up pulling on my trousers.

“Mhm this is a very nice view” she giggles.

“Time to go to work right?” she smiles as she pulls on her dress as I nod smiling. We find the cabin of our target on the first class deck, but I don’t think the package is here. Persy keeps watch as I check the cabin bearing no results hours later. I shake my head no slightly as she loops her arm through mine.

“Well might as well enjoy the boat ride to Istanbul then” she laughs holding the wolf in her other arm. I smile wickedly already picturing what I’m going to do to her later. Persy throws me a teasing look under her eye lashes as we walk away. I spot the young man from yesterday as I’m telling her about my family’s home in Ireland and my cottage in British Columbia. He walks past several times looking for her obviously, which means he knows we’re on board. As I continue my story I can tell she’s completely absorbed and relaxed in my company. I can be myself around her I realize as she’s being herself around me as well. We go back to our suite after dinner to find it ransacked by Daisy looking for food. Persy scolds the wolf by tying it to the bolted down vanity.

“Now let’s relax and get some sleep before another long day tomorrow” Persy laughs as I give her a wicked look as we fall into bed, our cries filling the room. To our embarrassment though, someone bangs on the wall next to ours as we burst out laughing.


I sigh content and carefree for once in my life. The last week has me feeling like nothing can ever ruin my happiness with Kail. Poor Kail has had it rough being the last male in his line and illegitimate to top it off, but I think since he “kidnapped” me he’s enjoying his life and our jobs more. Although Mark, the idiot he is not helping the situation. Every time he walks past our room poor Daisy barks at the door and to add to it she doesn’t like boats I realized the other day when Kail and I came back from our evening stroll to find the room a mess. She’s sound asleep now like Kail as I clean and load our weapons. I brought throwing knifes, pistol and some smoke pellets. Kail brought a whole arsenal of different things from lock picks to his shot gun. I packed six pairs of gloves, six dresses and a work outfit. Kail turns over in his sleep and I hear him sigh “Persy.” I smile thinking how after this job we’d be loaded for life and could live the rest of our lives in his British Columbia home after we delivered the package. We could start a family and grow old together watching our grandchildren grow. First we need to get through this job in one piece I scold myself as I hum mother’s lullaby. Kail gets up kissing my cheek as he goes to get breakfast. I sigh Mark wouldn’t be the only one to come after me. Luke most likely is still under the assumption that Kail kidnapped me.

“Well no point in worrying now right Daisy” I coo gently as I put the weapons away before Kail comes back with breakfast.


I’m in the dining room when I sense the young man’s murderous intent and carry on with my business playing the innocent victim as he punches me in the face. I fall backwards as a couple men grab him.

“What have you done with Sara Mr. O’Neill” he growls as I pick myself up knowing Persy was going to be upset that I let this man lay a finger against me.

“I don’t know who or what ye’re talking about lad, but ye just ruined my shirt and wife’s gift to me so would ye please excuse me” I sigh using all of father’s teachings not to lose my temper. A waiter replaces the two plates of food instantly as I turn and leave the room hearing the two men holding Persy’s pursuer that he shouldn’t mess with Irish noblemen unless he wanted to put his family to shame. At least father’s name, my name was useful in settings like that one. Of course Persy gets upset, but I cut her off.

“We’ll be landing in a couple days so have everything ready so we can be one of the first passengers to get off to avoid confronting yer annoying friend OK lass” I explain as she nods. The wolf barks eagerly at the word land and we both burst out laughing at this as we try and not choke on our food.

“Well at least someone is eager to land” Persy laughs giving me a loving look as she pets Daisy. I return it by placing my hand over hers and kiss her. Two days later we’re standing on the docks of Constantinople ready to get to work.

“Ugh you could’ve warned me it was going to be this hot” she comments as we unpack in our hotel room, Daisy still on the leash tied up to one of the bed posts. It’s getting pretty big now that I look closely.

“OK now I estimate that this job will take us three months at the latest to complete with all the recon and scrounging we’ll have to do so we can’t afford to get caught by the King’s dogs or yer unwanted friend” I explain calmly as I pull out some of the layouts  and other security measures our target has. Persy pulls out a couple things from her bag that look like small jobs for this area so at least I know she’s thinking also about living expenses as I point out potential people on the guests lists the client gave me that could get us in to some of the target’s dinner events.


The next day I slip out and decide to carry out one of the jobs I picked off of the board. I weave through the crowd pick pocketing with ease avoiding the elderly and families even though they’re the most loaded. I guess some of my old habits just stick even if they’re bad to have in this line of work. I spot Mark on horseback so I slip into one of the stores and have one of the women get me into a sarai as I pay for it in coin as I leave. It’s easy to move freely in this outfit, easier than the dress I was wearing as I pass Mark by glad his farm naiveté blocks all levels of intelligence in foreign environments like the city. I giggle to myself as I pass him in a bar later that afternoon with my payment for taking an ancient vase from another thief for the client. He looks at me like he recognizes me and walks towards me. I don’t run or do anything to give myself away as he stands in front of me.

“Have you seen either of these people around?” he asks quietly showing me a drawing of my brother and me. I cock my head to make it like I don’t speak English and he sighs doing the gestures to indicate if I’ve seen either of the people in the picture. I shake my head no as he confirms that brother might not be too far behind him in their search for me as I walk away.

2.5 Months Later


“Finally I’ve made it” I groan getting off the ship I rode from Britain to get here. I miss the children a lot, but it took a lot off digging to get here with the idea of Sara alone with that stranger haunting my every step to continue this mundane rescue mission. I ask around about a man fitting O’Neill’s description and I’m told that a man that sounds a lot like Mark is working here at the docks and that he’s been looking for me. I have a little success locating where O’Neill is as I go to a cheap hotel to ask on him. No luck though. “I’m sorry Mr. Smith, but the man you’re looking for checked out two weeks ago. I can offer you a room though” The clerk offers as I shake my head no. OK so from what the clerk told me they’re under the guise of newlyweds so that shouldn’t be too hard to ask around about. I spend two full days and nights asking around about them, but people give me long chats about how happy they are and that it looks like a good match, but no location as to where they’re staying. On the third day I collapse from exhaustion in an alleyway as everything goes dark.


I sigh feeling so sorry for Persy having morning sickness like she does thinking it to myself. “Daisy get away from there” I whistle as we walk past a corpse. Daisy obeys as we continue on our way, but the corpse moves.

“Did you say Daisy?” it moans.

“Aye I did do ye know my wife’s companion?” I ask looking more closely. The corpse or man since he isn’t dead looked about ten or eleven years older than Persy as I look him over.

“You!” he growls as he jumps up for my throat.

“What do ye want may I ask lad” I growl holding him up by the collar of his shirt.

“What did you do with Sara” he growls. Sara? I think to myself then I remember my conversation two weeks ago with Persy.

“Sorry lad wrong person. Anyways I need to get back to check on my wife so I’ll drop ye off wherever ye’re staying and be on my way” I sigh.

“Then where did you get a wolf of that color” he growls. I sigh annoyed as I carry him back to the hotel to see how Persy is doing. I drop the lad on the bed and knock on the bathroom door.

“Ye feel any better lass?” I ask gently.

“No I feel like something Daisy dragged in” she moans softly. I leave my unwanted guest on the bed with Daisy on guard as I slip into the bathroom with her. I rub her back noting her black hair dyed again after the minor slip up with an old colleague of hers. I then realize who the man on the bed is when our conversation two weeks ago comes back to me. Persy had sat me down all gentle like then explained her whole past up to when I took her away, including past lovers. I don’t blame her for hiding it, hell I’d hide a past like that if I was in her place. I stop rubbing her back instantly and quietly tap the situation to her. She taps that I get rid of him. I slip back out and Daisy moves to stand in front of the door as Persy locks it behind me. She wretches again and I flinch at this as I stand over Luke Smith. I hear a light knock as she slips the letter she wrote the other day under the door.

“You sure Persy” I sigh knowing it was for him. She taps yes.

“Well it’s nice to meet ye Luke” I sigh unfolding the letter I watched her write and rewrite for days after we discovered she was carrying our child.

“This letter is from Persy to ye, lad” I explain no emotions in my voice.

“Dear brother,

I’m sorry you came all this way to save me, but I don’t need to be saved. Kail already has done that by loving me and accepting my past. We have been very happy together although we met under the wrong circumstances. So please don’t drag me back to Greenwood and all the pain being there brought to me. When I’m there I have to spend most of the time being someone I’m not when I’m not on the farm with you and the children.” I hear her wretch again as I continue reading aloud. “I know I’m being selfish, but since I met Kail I’ve realized I haven’t truly lived till he found and showed me his way of life. After Kail and I finish this job we’re heading to British Columbia where he owns some land to raise the child he and I are expecting. Again I’m sorry, but please let the Green family know to give David’s portion of the inheritance to Chris and how grateful I am to have known them. Anyways if you and the children ever want to look us up write first. Your sister always, Sara.” I feel a little sorry for the lad as he sits stunned. He reminds me a little bit of Allie. I hear the lock click on the bathroom door as she opens the door. I go over and offer her my support as I put my arm gently around her waist.

“Water please” she whispers as I realize her voice is nearly gone from throwing up her breakfast. “Why? Why don’t you want to come back Sara? Everyone is worried about you” he exclaims suddenly full of energy. I look into her eyes and know why she doesn’t want to go back and it isn’t because of me or the baby.

“Don’t you dare say anything O’Neill you’ve done enough” he growls as I open my mouth. Persy’s eyes start to tear up at this as I gently hide her face as she gets it all out of her system.

“Hell lad ye’ve done enough. Don’t ye see HER? She’s had enough of being pulled in all directions, NO ONE giving her any say in the matter” I say shouting at him for her sake.

“Brother don’t you understand me at all? In Greenwood all I would do is cry or hide behind a fake smile for you, the children and Green family. With Kail I don’t have to hide. I can be my true self, the way I was before mother died” she growls or tries to anyways. The lad gets one good look at her and moves out of the way as I help her get comfortable.

“I’m sorry” he sighs behaving better now. She nods then whispers in my ear not to fight with him that he meant well and falls asleep. This leaves me alone with this pest that she calls brother.

“So Kail is it? Has she cried around you often like that?” he asks quietly.

“Today and when she told me about her life before I started observing her, yer father was a cruel bastard, but I understand what he was trying to teach her even if neither of you don’t. Mainly though she tries to get me to smile” I say smiling at the thought of her smile.

“Now that you know her past do you still love her like she does you?” he asks obviously running out of hope of her going home with him.

“Aye I do and ye know she hopes once this is all over ye’ll come visit with yer young lad and lass” I smile staring at her peaceful expression.

“Congratulations on becoming a father O’Neill, but so you know I will be visiting you and her often to see if you’re worth all this aggravation” he explains. Oh I knew that was coming and I’m definitely not looking forward to it.

“So what’s the job you’re doing and no secrets I know all about the guild’s codes of secrecy, and laws” he growls. Of course he knows I think to myself as he continues and I realize I found Persy’s replacement.

“My wife was a member of the guild until her partner died leaving her with his child and second on the way to feed and care for” he sighs looking sad as my curiosity gets the better of me.

“Who was your wife?” I ask as Persy turns over in her sleep.

“Allie Monroe but she passed away a few years ago now of that flu going around at the time” he sighs looking down at his wedding band.

“Well would you like to help with this job then? I’m not letting Persy come in her state, that’s obvious, but the completion of the job is in two days” I ask quietly feeling the grief of losing my closest guild friend as Persy sighs my name. Luke nods and I spend the rest of the evening going over every detail of the plan with him.

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