Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Bucket List

Sorry I didn't reach over fifty, but these things are the many things I want to see and do before I die.

My bucket list

1.) Go to Ireland

2.) See cure(s) found for most cancers

3.) Have a family
4.) Publish a book
5.) See my children do Irish step dance
6.) Adopt a child
7.) Visit all my previous vacation stops
8.) Survive college
9.) Marry someone who wont judge me for my past and secrets 
10.) Help achieve world peace
11.) Travel all over Europe
12.) See all world issues (major and minor) resolved
13.) Visit the graves of my great grandparents on my dad's side
14.) Go to the summer and winter Olympics
15.) Meet Hayo Miazaki
16.) Undo all past mistakes
17.) Travel to Africa
18.) Go to the concerts of all my favorite music artists
19.) Live in a beautiful home
20.) See ALL my favourite animes English dubbed completely
21.) See my children thrive, excel and do better than I have in life
22.) Pass down the history and knowledge to my son or daughter
23.) Graduate high school with good grades 
24.) Not die a virgin
25.) Embarrass both my siblings on their wedding days
26.) Have blockbuster make a comeback
27.) Own most game systems
28.) See my mum give up online gaming permanently
29.) Visit new York
30.) See my grandparents retire happy and mostly carefree
31.) Win the lottery 
32.) Rescue a dog and cat
33.) Marry an Irish man
34.) Be on what not to wear
35.)Visit/see my grandparents old home in BC
36.) Go back to Orlando Florida

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