Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Reading Reflection#9/Writing Reflection#6

Well what I found with twitter fiction was that I had a few successes such as being to wrap up a story idea and being able to get into the head of character. My issues with this project though was I wasn't sure what I was doing half the time on twitter and as a writer I'm long winded so keeping it under 140 characters was a challenge especially when I was trying to get all the requirements for this project completed all the while trying to develop my two characters. As for putting myself out there and publishing stuff on twitter I wasn't comfortable with it due to how I like to finish an idea completely before letting ANYONE read it. As a reader though I felt inspired by the other twitter fictions I did read and gave me new ideas and feelings towards writing and being a writer as a whole. I admit I didn't read much twitter fiction due to having my wisdom teeth removed last week, but from what I did read I enjoyed and formed emotional connections to.

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