Monday, November 26, 2012

Second Chance My twitter fiction


Gwen: My cat and a drunk guy

  1. Gwen: OK great I can’t believe Emma let Ruby outside again without my permission have to find her before the shifters do
  2. Gwen: I found Ruby but she’s sitting on top of a drunk guy. Not a good thing as I’m trying to wake him up before Ruby causes any trouble
  3. Gwen: Shit the sapphire around my neck burns from last night as I’m driving to school. I hope the drunk guy doesn’t recognize me when I get there 
  4. Gwen: its lunch, the drunk guy from last night turned out to be Aslan Green, soccer team star so the girl’s set my history notebook on fire
  5. Gwen: I tug on my necklace as I think about the fact that I’m hated by all the shifters. I go to bed thinking about last night
  6. Gwen:  I had the same nightmare last night. The one where I’m watching locked inside the van as a group of varying shifters kill my parents
  7. Gwen: I’m in Bio and Aslan just sat down next to me, I don’t know what to say. I wish Ruby was here, but after yesterday she chose to stay home
  8. Gwen:  I sit as Aslan is talking to me and wonder what brought all this on. It’s not like I’m going to tell anyone I found him piss drunk
  9. Gwen: Back to the other night though I assumed he was dead so I tried burying him, but he moaned as I muttered my incantation so I dropped him and ran with Ruby on my heels
  10. Gwen:  It’s been a week and Aslan is still talking to me. I realize he chooses the days Ruby stays home and talks about the most random things
  11. Gwen: Today’s topic is friends which I can’t really contribute to as he talks about all the soccer team members and the cheer squad. I feel the cheer squad glaring at me
  12. Gwen: OK being a witch sucks especially when the dog shifters two blocks from you pee in your backpack, but the only upside is Aslan shares
  13. Gwen:  I’m not sure whether Aslan is a shifter and dumb one at that or a regular human whose feeling sorry for me. I like being normal
  14. Gwen:  I’m in my room, blond hair pulled back in my lazy clothes when the cheer squad spams me via txt message. Just what I needed on a lonely Friday night
  15. Gwen:  I can’t believe I just spent an hour on the phone with Aslan makes me wonder how he got my # well it’s great to say I have one friend now J
  16. Gwen: Shit, shit what the hell did I do to deserve being chased by lion shifters like this? All I did was cast a protection spell around Ruby
  17. Gwen: I’m cringing behind a garbage dumpster in fear, waiting to die like mum and da when I feel a warm nose touch my neck.


Aslan: The witch and annoying cat familiar

  1. Aslan: OK I’m dead later, but no time for that I must get Gwen out of Boston or else she’s dead along with the stupid cat
  2. Aslan: Found her, but I`m screwed with the lions surrounding her like the real ones in Africa do as I climb down the fire escape towards her
  3. Aslan: OK I’ve got her attention, but idk how to get her to come with me without revealing I’m a shifter. God it sucks to be a SN
  4. Aslan: “Come with me this way” I say to her, but of course she flinches cuz my voice comes out in a growl.
  5. Aslan: OK not my best plan grabbing her and the cat, dragging them up to the roof, but it’ll have to do as she cries in my ears
  6. Aslan: Once we’re a fair distance away she looks around and realizes I’ve dragged her home and where I’ve parked the car
  7. Gwen:  “What do u want” I cry as the panther noses my leg, pushing me towards the house. I go inside as it follows me inside
  8. Gwen:  As I pack I realize the panther is a shifter otherwise it wouldn’t be sitting on my bed watching me. Why did it save me though?
  9. Gwen: “Why did you save me?” I ask quietly knowing the other shifters wanted me dead as he shifts.
  10. Gwen: I don’t scream or faint as I realize my theory about Aslan is true and maybe that he doesn’t realize what I am and I hope to leave it that way
  11. Aslan: “Get in the car” I sigh as I try and figure out if this girl is either really brave or completely stupid as I look down at the clothes she lent me
  12. Gwen: As I sit in the car I pray to Hecate that Emma is alright and that she got my message to run now that the shifters are against us
  13. Aslan: Stupid girl she’s not even thinking about her own safety as she calls her caregiver so I pace back and forth hissing in my other form
  14. Gwen:  OK we’ve been driving for two weeks now, crossed three states and his attitude isn’t improving at all L
  15. Gwen: Hecate I wish I were normal instead of a witch that way my feelings wouldn’t be that abnormal if I told Aslan how I felt
  16. Aslan: The sooner we get to New Orleans the better cuz I don’t know how much more I endure with her fighting my every choice :<
  17. Gwen: I admit maybe fighting him wasn’t my wisest choice, but I can’t take it anymore with him ignoring me. I need to tell him cuz we’re only two days from New Orleans
  18. Gwen: I’m running the tears’ burning as the wind wipes them away. He freaked out after I said what I shouldn’t have. I love u is the one thing I shouldn’t have said
  19. Aslan: I’m right behind her as she runs away. The wind means nothing as it rushes through my hair. I shouldn’t have yelled
  20. Aslan: God she’s fast when she’s upset. I know I’m at fault, but we can’t do this here or now even if we do love each other. I hear a scream
  21. Gwen: I cover the wound in my side as a lioness shifter moves in for the kill. I can feel my life slipping away slowly as it gets closer. I’m glad I told Aslan that I love him -_-
  22. Gwen: In my head just before the lion goes for my throat I thank Hecate for giving me my life with Ruby whose spirit is vanishing as I die
  23. Aslan: I make it to an open clearing just in time for me to see a lioness claw Gwen’s neck out. I growl in fury as I jump in for the kill
  24. Aslan: I cradle her body and hold her close while the cat watches with no trace of its human character as I beg for her to live
  25. Gwen: As I feel my body being moved I realize its Aslan. “I love you” I try to whisper with my last breath as everything goes dark
  26. Gwen: I wake up minutes later in a smaller body when I’m supposed to be dead to my own surprise and shock it's Ruby's old body
  27. Aslan: I hold her body crying over and over how much I love her too when I feel the cat claw at my leg. I swat at it and it hisses at me
  28. Gwen: “You hit me” I hiss and bring my hand up when I realize it was a cat’s hiss. I jump up on his shoulder and purr in his ear with joy when I realize Hecate answered my last prayers
  29. Aslan: I gently lay her body down and turn to the cat that is being rude to its master’s death, but I go pale when I realize its eye color is different 
  30. Gwen: The idiot finally looks at me and I purr louder as he pulls me down and hugs me tightly. I feel cold all of a sudden a moment later
  31. Gwen: “Uhm Aslan could you lend me your shirt” I cough discreetly when I realize after awhile that I’m naked. He apologizes and hands me his shirt
  32. Aslan: As I carry Gwen back to the car I realize this form of a black cat is what brought us together two months ago
  33. Aslan: “I love you” I whisper in her ear as I place her in the passenger seat knowing life would be a peaceful one for us with this second chance 


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