Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My assignments for the semester so far

Assignment #1

I remember my late childhood clear as day
I want to be successful in life
I don’t remember my great grandparents very well
I don’t want to be alone
I still have all my family and friends
I wonder if I’ll survive to see my 100th birthday
I never had a simple day in my life even if it seems like it from an outsider
I can’t stand boys who only like to piss me off
I see life not as clear as others would
I love my family, boyfriend and friends
I don’t see all the things mentioned in the news happen around me
I try to understand and listen to others opinions
I know I’m not the smartest person around
I don’t try to go past the limits I set for myself
I don’t know everything


·       Visit cultural background(s)
·       Go on dream vacation
·       Live in family dream house
·       Go to university/college of choice
·       Play on any video game system
·       Get a new camera and iPod
·       Finish and publish my book(s)
Have dream career

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