Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Story and Blog update

OK well to be hones I haven't picked up a book in nearly three weeks now and I know for a fact I probably won't till I finish typing all my complete and incomplete works. I also need to work on explaining myself better in reflections and making my explanations longer, but explaining what's going on in my head is kinda difficult sometimes and I admit that honestly so I know I'm good at explaining my opinions and thoughts on certain topics. Other topics not so much so that's my downfall when it comes to things like poetry other than free verse or types of writing like twitter fiction due to my long winded sentences.Anyways my progress so far in Police Officers, Farm Boys, and Thieves is that Persephone and Kail have done several jobs in Paris and have arrived at their final job for the story in Constantinople. I've tweaked the timeline a little bit past Confederation, to be more exact 5 years after British Columbia joined Canada. Along the way Persephone falls in love with Kail and his way of life and wishes to live the rest of her life with him after this job. Where I've left tonight in my typing is that both Mark and Luke are out looking for Sara not realizing that she's changed her look and name not wanting too be found and to top it all of she's throwing up

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