Monday, November 19, 2012

Writing Reflection #5

OK well I've been typing my twitter fiction from the start so I didn't use the storyboards at all. I think my story is coming along nicely mind you it would be finished if I didn't keep flip flopping from twitter fiction to my other works in progress. The style I chose was a book through several tweets and I'm not even close to being done although I've gone over the minimum of 30. I can probably get the story as a whole wrapped in several more tweets, but my main problem is that I'm long winded so it's difficult to get what I want to say in 140 characters or less and I've mostly covered whats on the to do list so I think I should be OK in that aspect. Anyways my twitter fiction is from two perspectives, Brian and Gwen. A teenage witch and shifter who are on the run from the rest of the shifters who oppose the royal witch line's only surviving member, Gwen and want her dead before she retakes power of her birth right.

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