Thursday, September 13, 2012

Immortal Flower Chapter 1

Hey this is the first chapter of one of my books in progress enjoy

Chapter 1: Slumber & Awakening

“Why? Why Flower of all my children” is all I hear my father say as the tomb door rumbles shut. It was fate I guess that brought me to this desolate place. Having my secret found out by the village head’s son got me here and labeled as a witch. What my father and brothers don’t know is that I’m cursed with immortality. I guess this is what I get for insulting a god and living to tell the tale but I’ve had to give up on love, marrying Shamus and having a family like other girls my age. So now I’m stuck in this tomb till someone decides to pillage my resting place. I lay down on the stone table, closing my eyes and wait/pray for the day I’m released from my prison.

“Can I come with you to the dig site dad?” I ask while I eat breakfast watching his reaction as mom cleans the oven. “Colin what did your father say last week” mom sighs from inside the oven. I go quiet instantly waiting for dad’s answer. “OK you can come as long as you don’t touch anything and don’t wander out of my sight” he sighs smiling as my eyes light up with success. I run and get my shoes on as dad gets ready for the long day ahead of us. As dad drives I eagerly look out the window excited for the adventure of going to work with dad brings. When dad finally pulls up to the site he reminds me what the rules are for this trip. “No touching or wandering off” he says as I nod impatient to get moving.  I follow dad closely as he gets a progress report from some of his co-workers. The last person he had to talk to seems excited as she talked about this stone tablet and a door in the side of the hill dad’s team is digging around. Dad’s eyes light up as the lady continues on mainly about the tablet and that an old man was here to see him. Dad races to the main tent before I can even ask what’s going on as I run to catch up. “Wait, dad wait for me” I shout but it sounded like a whine even to me. He stops at the entrance as I catch up to him. “Sorry son this is very important so wait here please OK and don’t move from this spot” he smiles. “OK” I sigh already a little bored as he enters the tent. As I stand outside kicking rocks I’m thinking about the last time I was here dad had a lot more time for me and how he had listened to all my questions.  I kick a rock a little to short a distance so I move and kick it farther when I feel the ground rumble slightly. Not enough to get the dig team’s attention but enough to peak my 7-year-old curiosity as I decide to investigate. I walk up to the source to see the door that lady told dad about open and everyone near it was asleep. I look inside real quick to see an empty room full of pictures and strange writing when someone taps my shoulder. I yelp in shock as I turn around to come face to face with a pretty looking lady. “Why hello there little one may I ask you what day it is?” she asks quietly her voice as soft as my blanket, which in my opinion is the softest thing in the world. She’s dressed like the dig team but she’s too clean to be working here with dad. I take her hand and guide her into the forest before answering her. “It’s July 20th 2001” I say watching her reaction. “Oh thank you little one,” she laughs. “I’m not little. I’m Colin Pearson 7 years old,” I pout as she laughs harder. “I’m sorry it’s nice to meet you Colin” she sighs as she wipes her eyes while leaning against a tree. “Who are you?” I ask still sulking a little bit. I pull my camera out of my pocket as she answers. “My name is Flower” she smiles as I take a quick picture for keeps. I knew as we said good bye to each other as she walked away I wouldn’t be seeing Flower again for a long time as I turned walked back to my spot outside the main tent. When I got there no one noticed I had gone missing.

“Meadow, MEADOW pay attention you have a photo shoot in an hour so don’t get distracted” my boyfriend and agent gives out to me. I shrug and continue to stare out the window at the scene of New York City. It’s been eleven years since the Pearson archeology team outside Dublin released me. I still remember Colin’s sad little face, the feel of his hand leading mine and as I walked away that day, how my heart felt crushed leaving him. He reminded me a lot of my second older brother Percy and how he memorized faces rather than names. He seemed some how familiar to me but I still can’t figure out who else he reminded me of. Good thing too I guess considering I’ve changed my name four times in the last four years to keep myself safe whenever someone got to close to my secret. Being immortal is difficult in this day and age with the science and technology but as long as I hide it behind a healthy looking face I won’t be hunted and locked up like before. I shudder and I’m thankful even now the man beside me doesn’t know who I truly am. I sigh and get out of the car as my agent opens the door for me. The cameras are already going off as I pull my sweater hood up to hide my face. I don’t enjoy the fans or their cameras I think to myself, as I get ready for the shoot with utter dread.

Hours later as I get out of the shower at the hotel I contemplate my life when Colin’s face appears in my thoughts again. I shake my head really fast to get his face out of my thoughts but recently this method has stopped working for me. I can still see how hurt he was that day vividly in my mind like it was I left him yesterday.  His red hair ruffled by the wind, blue eyes betraying the pain he was feeling that his words and body language wouldn’t. I sigh feeling my heartbeat slow as I mentally remind myself of my rules. NO children, NO old men, and absolutely NO revealing the secret. No matter how cute the boy I can’t break my rules, it would put the boy and myself in great danger if my immortality were found out. I turn on the hotel room TV as I clean up the towels I left on the floor. I feel Aaron come up behind me as I’m putting the towels back on the bathroom shelf I got them from. “Hi” I sigh as I lean back into him. “Mhm hi Meadow” he whispers into the back of my neck. I stiffen when I sense and feel where Aaron is taking this as he moves us closer to the bed. “Aaron no, what have I said and told you about where you’re taking this” I say firmly because I’ve had this argument with Aaron and the two men before him too many times for my liking. I squirm away from him and turn facing him arms crossed ready for whatever he had to say. “What we’ve been dating for eight months now Meadow. I thought you might be ready by now considering I’ve known you for ten months” he sighs as I bite my lower lip a nasty habit I picked up off of my previous boyfriend. “No I’m not ready Aaron. I’m far from it so I thought you would respect that but obviously not so go, we’re done” I whisper the epitome of hurt even though inside I wasn’t at all hurt or surprised. He slams the door on his way out. I slump to the floor relieved of another pushy boyfriend leaving my life. I pull on my plainest clothes, grab my suitcase and go for a walk to clear my head of today’s bullshit.

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