Monday, September 17, 2012

Reading Respone #2 (The Truth About Forever)

Reading Response#2

The Truth About forever
Sarah Dessen 245-374
For the questions to my first reading response I found an example of how the author connects each book, answers to my two key questions and how most of my comments and questions were either T-S or T-T.  The example I found of the author connecting her books through surprise appearances of characters from her other books or mentioning or visits to the towns Dessen uses for her stories. The characters Wes and Macy make a reappearance in the next book Just Listen in which the main characters Owen and Annabel are eating at a diner for breakfast and Annabel takes note of a couple fitting Wes and Macy’s description. The answers I found were quite simple and had been in front of me the whole time I read this book. People treated Macy differently for bearing witness to her father’s death because they pitied her and felt sorry that she had to go through such a traumatic event like that and it’s also part of the reason she dated Jason. It made her feel safe when everything else about her life didn’t. My final wish would be to be able to see my dad’s home in Ireland with my own eyes. How the book title connects to the book is simple because the truth game played by Wes and Macy can go on forever and forever can be many different things.
As I finished this book last week I felt like it was good how everything was resolved. Like how Caroline finishes the Colby beach house, Wes and Macy start dating, Macy and her mom reconnect and grieve over their loss, and finally that Macy learned how to finally move forward after the death of her father.

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