Sunday, October 7, 2012

Reading Reflection #5/ What I really did instead of reading this week

Hey well here's the thing this week I didn't read a new book and haven't pickd up a book in a week since I've started typing out my own book called Police Officers, Farm Boys and Thieves. The book's idea was something I had started writing years back when I was bored of class, depressed that I had nothing better to do outside of school and just that I needed an outlet for built up frustration from my lack of comunication skills. Sadly I spilt pop on what I had written out at the point and threw it out because it wasn't readable for typing out. Last year as I sat in class I remembered this story and started writing again, but obviously it's different than the original idea because it's been six years since I threw out the original, I'm not so bored with my classes, I have more of a life outside family and school then I did back and finally I hate to admit it my comunication skills still suck. The main plot of the story is about a girl named Sara who runs away from home to escape her painful past and the posibility of being used as a tool for political gain at hthe begining of the industrial revoloution which is potrayed in the book as most knights, police officers, thieves and farm hands switching over from the good old fashioned sword to the gun.

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  1. This book sounds really interesting!! When you are finished writing it you should definately post it to your blog! You seem like you really enjoy writing. Do you think that you will ever publish a book?