Monday, October 22, 2012

Writing Reflection 3

 Hey well I was away today at the law court with Mrs. Blahut's second period Law class and it was very interesting and I'm glad I went. With all the post graduation stuff going on I'm kinda lost on what to do in my spare time not actually thinking about it because it's tiring no offense to the counselors and the people who gave the presentations. It's just I was set into motion to think about all of this important stuff at the start of grade ten by my dad who just wants the best for me and do well in whatever in I choose.So here we are grade twelve I've made my choice to go to Red River College and take part in the Business Administration program, but I wish things would slow down because I feel like I'm stuck in the fast lane and this blog is the only thing I can control besides what I do in my spare time when I'm not over thinking everything. This blog would be helpful in promoting my good traits and let people know and see what a creative writer and person I am.

In the last time I went to other people's blogs I left comments on pieces I truly as a reader and writer liked and thought were brilliant. I know a couple people commented on my music lyrics and like how I use them to express my feelings when I know and feel being verbal isn't going to work for me in certain aspects of my life, good and bad. Music seems to be my only guiding light in the last couple months and I hope I can move past all the crap going on in my life that makes it so insane sometimes. For instance in the next couple months I know for a fact the major events happening. First I'm meeting my new doctor on the 5th of Nov, on the 30th I'm getting ALL my wisdom teeth removed from my tiny mouth and in Dec 6 days after I turn 18 which is the fifth, my Nana from Ireland is spending the month with my family.

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