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The Pegasus Prophecies intro- Chapter 1


In the kingdom of Dragons a prince was born to King Cedric and Queen Lily. The whole kingdom was overjoyed with the birth of Prince Jason, the first dragon prince born since Celia’s rein over the dragon kingdoms. Elsewhere in a land of winged horses another baby was being born in secret. The mother wasn’t a queen or anyone of sheer importance, but when she saw her newborn baby girl Tawnyspots knew with all her heart she would protect her Dovewing with her life. Now these two children wouldn’t cross paths or know of the dark secrets surrounding them until five years later.

Chapter 1:  Dove
“Ow ow this really hurts!” I cried to my Pegasus Grayshade. “I’m only five and mommy expects me to stay out of trouble for- ow Gray can’t you be gentler that hurts.” Great I decide to climb a tree near the beach and end up falling on top of a thorn bush. Once Gray pulls out all the thorns in my back we head down to the beach to find a group of pale faced strangers. As we watch I count how many strangers there are in case it’s an invasion. Gray snorts and I realize she just heard the last bit of my thoughts. I know I know” I said in my head, but overall there were two adults and three kids. Two of them looked about eight the other my age, but by the looks of things they were setting up a base camp. The adults seemed too busy with setting up their camp and each other to notice the boy wandering farther and farther down the beach. “Hey Gray lets follow him” I whisper loving the idea of a tracking game, but Gray didn’t. Mommy hardly plays tracking games with me anymore not since that Black tribe man died two months ago. We eventually find him at flower cave picking a snow white rose to smell and look at closely. Hey Gray I want to see if he’s safe to play with stay here okay” I say in my head walking out of our hiding spot before she could stop me. “Hi whatcha doing?” I ask. The boy cocks his head as if he couldn’t understand what I am saying. I ask again drawing a picture in the sand this time. He finally gets it and draws a picture for me asking “do you want to play?” I nod running back into the bushes to get Gray. When I come back he has a dragon with him. An actual dragon, but I ignore this as I tag him and run into the bushes giggling very happy. We are having so much fun until someone starts calling for my new friend. “Jason Where are you? JASON” the person sounds really upset. A woman comes into view repeating what we had just heard. She spots us and grabs Jason, obviously scolding him plus ruining our game. As she turns to walk away I realize I might not get to play with Jason again so I just start to cry. “Auntie Desina give me a second please  I’ll be back okay” is what I think he says to the lady he calls Auntie Desina and before she could scold Jason even more he walks back to me. He hands me the white rose wiping the tears off my face and says plus draws “I’ll come play again tomorrow okay…” I draw another picture and hiccup “Dovewing.” “Okay Dove I’ll be back to play tomorrow I promise.” Then he runs back to Auntie Desina and I turn for home placing the rose in my hair.   

“Auntie I told you already I’m fine and why are you so mad I was just playing with that girl” I huffed for the… well I don’t know how many times as we walked back to camp. “Now Jason we were worried about you and this is the thanks I get for finding you.” I wanted to talk about something else so I asked Auntie why Dove didn’t understand what I was saying. It did the trick. “Well because she is one of the natives of this island and right now the tribes are having a fight over land so that’s why I was upset Jason. That little girl could’ve gotten you killed while my and your uncle’s backs were turned okay” she sighs. “Couldn’t you sense me wandering off” I asked curious about that. “Yes I sensed you wander off, but obviously your friend is one of a select few who can block out telepathy and anyone she considers her friend as well” she laughs ruffling my hair. “Is it okay if I play with Dove again tomorrow Auntie?” I ask shyly. “You can and wear this tomorrow if you want to talk without drawing in the sand” she laughs even harder about my question handing me one of her rings.

The next morning I wake up before mommy does to go play with Jason again. As I ride on Gray down to the beach I thought about the reaction of Jason’s aunt to mommy’s when I told her about Jason. All I got was an empty “that’s nice Dovewing now eat your dinner.” I shake my head trying not to see the huge differences. We ride right into the camp to be tackled by Blue, Jason’s dragon. Mrs. Desina helps me up even though I was still kind of scared of her. Jason sits up yawning from in between the two older boys and looks to see me standing in the middle of camp kind of scared of the other four dragons sleeping nearby. He hurries up and gets ready for another day of playing. We are very happy talking, laughing, and playing until he starts to talk about his mom and how nice she is. “My mom is so nice to me I couldn’t be happier or luckier than my cousins.” I didn’t say a word as Jason asked about my mom. I really didn’t want Jason to know that it felt like she was gone, like she had abandoned me to face life without her. Thinking about it made me feel worse so I broke down crying telling him about her before and after the Black Tribe fight. He cried along with me afterwards telling me how sorry he was for asking about her. I hugged him saying “it’s alright you were just asking how nice my mom is to me.” After that our summer continued on like a happy dream, but one day he tells me he will be going home any day now so I pull out the necklaces I had made the night before while mommy was sleeping. They both have a scale off of Blue and a feather off Gray, but Jason’s has a dragon and mine a Pegasus figure that I carved myself. The day he leaves Jason places a red rose in my hair saying “we’ll be back next summer so don’t cry while I’m gone promise?” “I Promise Jason!” I promise. “And you won’t take of your necklace right?” He shakes his head no and whispers only for me to hear “and when I’m old enough to come alone I’ll come and get you so you can see my home okay.” Then he jumps onto Blue to fly home following his aunt and uncle. I stood on the beach watching them fly farther and farther away from me and my world not to come back till next summer.

Jason always returned every summer until we turned nine then he stopped coming but deep down I knew he never took off his necklace like I never took off mine. By the time I turned ten the war had gotten worse and my mom eventually killed herself leaving me to face the world alone. I knew I still had Grayshade, but it wasn’t the same as those summers with Jason and Blue by my side. When I thought about those summers I remembered how I could forget all my problems and then I would feel the stabbing sensation in my heart I got randomly when I thought about Jason. One day I drift to flower cave with Gray to watch the sunset when we find a black Pegasus with a sword tip in its left wing. “Hey boy it’s okay easy I’m just trying to help” I soothe as I try getting closer only to have it move away from me. “Okay I didn’t want to do this but here I go” I mutter under my breath as I jump forward placing my forehead against his. As I show the poor thing I mean it no harm he provides me with his name. “Well it’ll be okay now Shadowtide as long as you stop moving I’ll remove that sword tip” I sigh tired after all that running around. I walk up this time slowly reassuring Shadow that it wasn’t going to hurt. I placed my hand on his heart as I pull out the sword replacing it with a bandaged splint. “There all better right? See all that fuss you made was silly” I laugh at Shadow. Every day from that point on I went to flower cave to take care of Shadow and eventually I just stayed there.

Staying at flower cave didn’t change what my mom had done to me and her tribe. Right before she killed herself she told me the truth about who my dad was. “Dovewing before the war started I fell in love with a man from the Black tribe. We secretly met for months until I realized I was pregnant with you. Your father promised to protect both of us if we eloped but I couldn’t leave my tribe so I ended it right around the time I had you.” I remember my shock as she continued. “Even though I ended it I still loved your father and if he had lived I know he would have loved and protected us.” Then as she plunged the knife into her heart my mother looked truly free even if I wasn’t of her secret. Me. Since that time anyone from the tribes who has crossed my path has called me a half breed, an abomination, and a child of traitors. I’m glad that Pegasus’s don’t judge so I only accept Gray and Shadow’s company as I put together a boat to sail away from the tribes and the war which has taken so much away from me.

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