Monday, October 1, 2012

Wrting Reflection #2

Writing Reflection#2

For this first writing assignment I found the Six Word Memoirs fun to do and also really easy. I found it surprising that it was easy to do this assignment although I made a couple mistakes here and there on a couple of my published works. I only realized my errors after I published and emailed my work which goes to show my attention to detail isn’t the greatest and that I need to continue working on that. All the pictures I used in the Memoirs were all taken by me from my phone and camera. Most of them were old pictures from a couple years ago. What I learned from this microform of writing though is that it can be very vague from the reader’s perspective and hard to understand unless you’ve actually written the piece or know the author very well. The part of the project I preferred doing was writing/typing the words themselves then adding them to the pictures due to internet issues and I just had a lot of ideas that I wanted to put down on paper rather than look through pictures to go with what I had already written.

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