Monday, October 29, 2012

Reading Reflection #7

 OK again I haven't read a book because of a few things going on after school which is two periods a day for me anyways. I'm still typing Police Officers, Farm boys and Thieves and my completed book The Pegasus prophecy. I flip back and forth from both in my spare time if I'm not sleeping after I come home from my job as an Office assistant. In my incomplete book Police Officers, Farm boys and Thieves I've resumed typing in the last while I've reached part two in which Sara takes her father to her mother's homeland in Greenwood to face judgement for the murder of her husband David. At her side for the journey and the month and a half before her father appeared is Mark, David's older brother who is set to inherit leadership of their family farm. Sara discovers upon arrival after Mark steals a kiss from her is that her brother long thought dead by both herself and her father is alive with children of his own. When I finish this book I hope to one day publish it and hope everybody loves my story line and twists and turns in the plot itself.

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